My Laundry Basket

My Laundry Basket

I have laundry piled up to the ceiling.

The floors in my kitchen are dirty and sticky.

I haven’t made the beds.

There is nothing cooking on the stove for supper and my kids are all in desperate need of a bath as they happily dig a hole in the sand in hopes of reaching the other side of the world.

But I put on some lipstick, clean clothes, push my hair this way and that, deodorant, perfume, sunglasses and I am out the door leaving it all behind. No one knows anything about the disaster I left behind my closed door because I look clean and put together. So there!

You can leave your laundry at home but your body and your physical being you take with you everywhere. That is one of the main reasons why personal image comes first when a person is looking to upgrade their sense of self.

Yes, I admit, there is great satisfaction in putting away the laundry, clean floors, dishes neatly stacked and all the kids in bed, nicely bathed and nails trimmed etc. But wait! I am sorry to cut in (if you read my previous articles you already know that I am a party pooper) who besides yourself (and maybe your closest partner, if they are sensitive to your plight) knows anything about the utmost effort you put into reaching this pseudo goal?

And guess what? You are never finished, so don’t think you are…you see those crumbs in the corner, the pile of clothes that need hand washing, the broken items that should be fixed? It is all still waiting for you.

This is the first in my long list of arguments as to why it is important to invest time and effort in yourself. All battles are constant and never ending. But your time and energy are valuable resources that are limited.

So make good choices. There is beauty inside every person just waiting to be recognized. Waiting to be maximized. Sometimes I wonder how the events in the Garden of Eden could have turned out differently. Maybe if Adam had spent less time trying to impress Eve by rubbing two sticks together to create fire and more time focusing on her beauty and complimenting her then things would have gone smoother in their relationship. I mean, it was their first Saturday night together!

It all starts with a person’s commitment to themselves and to their health, well being and image. Sometimes change comes slowly by committing to never wear socks with holes in them anymore. No one knows about this change except you but it is the beginning of empowerment by caring about yourself. Sometimes the change can be more noticeable like some new clothes, a better hair style, skin care. Awareness is the first step.

Change follows closely behind.

To be continued…