But I don’t want to.

Why should I?

I live in Israel, the most amazing country in the world. (Sorry Canada. I love you too.)

Here in Israel I work to live, not live to work.

I make connections with my neighbors, sometimes in the stairwell in the middle of an air raid siren or when a renovation has gone awry and leaks into our apartment and sometimes just because I won’t make it home in time to meet the kids and just need someone to watch out for them until I get there.

In Israel good fences don’t make good neighbors. I don’t like being secluded and I definitely don’t like building fences.

My kids go to a Bar Mitzvah wearing their “good jeans” and they feel overwhelmed with excitement when I take them to eat out in a restaurant. When they get something new or if I take them somewhere, anywhere, they are ecstatic.

Granted, we all work hard but even if our work is not the self-fulfilling life prophecy we envisioned for ourselves, we fill our glasses to overflowing with other things like hobbies, social groups, events, political and religious endeavors and lots and lots of friends and family.

In Israel friends are like family.

Many people have left their families behind when they made the big Aliyah trek and moved here. We feel connected to our friends not only based on proximity but more importantly, because we all share similar goals, we can relate to each others struggles and we love to celebrate the good stuff with each other as much as we can.

I may get a case of the blues from time to time but I know that when push comes to shove, my party has an Israel theme, lots of friends and family and an overwhelming sense of gratitude.

Thanks Micky for this great birthday picture

Thanks Micky for this great birthday picture